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When they moved the premiere date of Pick Up Artist 2 VH1 had to act fast to launch an accompanying web presence. Just the type of challenge we love! Within one month we were able to completely retool, reskin and re-copy Next Or Not to become a “blackbook” site where guys and girls hit on each other, and try out pick up lines.

The most “desired” girl and best “pick up artist” guy were featured on VH1 daily, which gave contenders frequent chances to win. One beauty blogged to her friends: “Friends, readers: I must confess this post has nothing to do with eBeauty… except… myself becoming the most popular eBeauty out there! I have entered to be ‘hottest girl of the week’ in a VH1-related contest. The male and female with the most ‘pickups’ when the timer runs out will get featured on VH1 during airings of The Pick Up Artist… which I’ve honestly never watched, and I’m sure is very silly, but I want to win anyway!”

After The Pick Up Artist 2 ended its run the site itself was also retired.

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