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Next Or Not is our favorite project to discuss because it most clearly explains what we love to do and the value we bring clients. It all began with a simple email that told us to watch and research MTV’s dating shows and come back with ideas for their interpretation online.

After locking ourselves away for two weeks with nothing but videos, buffalo wings and beer we pitched several ideas to senior management. The idea that became was approved and we got to work.

The concept is simple – users view profiles of each other (made up of unlimited photos, videos, etc.) and click “next” when they’re done to move onto another profile. If they like the person they can click “I Like.” The site counts how long each profile has been viewed in a particular day and the guy and girl with the most time spent on their profile are crowned “hotties of the day.” The profile of top hotties appear daily on MTV, giving everyone a new chance to win every single day. TechCrunch and Mashable both covered the launch, among others.

Since launching in October, 2007, the site has become a wild success, attracting millions of pageviews daily, over 30 minutes of average on-site time and over 150 pageviews per visit. Also unique is the demographic it attracts – the site boasts over 60% women.

For our beloved NextOrNot we also launched very large and successful presences on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, as well as a site blog, Facebook application and embeddable widgets.

Based on NextOrNot’s runaway success, Doritos tapped it as the exclusive online marketing vehicle for their new flavor of chips and VH1 also wanted a version of its own.

Finally, we were excited to get a shout-out from pop star Katy Perry herself to use as the intro for our Christmas video.

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