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Definitely Something began as the brainchild of two highly-experienced Internet industry veterans, Jacob Shwirtz and Asael Kahana. With over two decades of combined experience, they came together to form a full-service web strategy and development agency. Definitely Something is passionate about dreaming big, offering fresh perspectives, trend-setting concepts and bringing those ideas to life.


Our interests, experience and team allow us to offer a full range of services to a wide variety of clients. We get most excited when joining a project from the very beginning and helping to define its DNA - but are just as interested in showing those at later stages how we can design and build sites better and quicker than expected. We do this by tapping into the best and brightest resources in Israel and elsewhere for the benefit of our clients.

Beyond concepting, designing, developing and launching web destinations we also offer several services to live properties.

We've built a large in-house team of community experts, content creators/editors and content moderators that have been used extensively by MTV Networks (America) across their stable of user-generated-content destinations for over two years. Zagat Survey and Dow Jones have also relied on our team for several online social media campaigns, content creation and editing projects. For more information on this specific set of services please visit our companion site, Moderation.Pro.

Client overview: MTV Networks (America)

When MTV and VH1 set out to create a network of commandos to pitch, execute, manage and grow web experiments we were recruited on day one. Given different challenges by senior management we research, propose and create innovative ideas.

Highlights of our work with MTV and VH1 include the extremely successful dating site Next Or Not, "celebrity MySpaces" for the personalities of MTV I Am On MTV and VH1 Famous Vh1 Friends, several other live projects and many internal prototypes used to plan and define the company's Internet strategy.

MTV was interested from the beginning of our relationship in using our knowledge of the Israeli high-tech and entrepreneurial scene for potential partnerships with unique and innovative start-ups. We are responsible for several deals between local companies and different properties within MTV/VH1. One deal saw act as the video backbone of several destinations built by MTV/VH1.

Finally, we offer various 24x7 content moderation and community oversight solutions to MTV's highly-trafficked communities.

Client overview: Zagat Survey

Zagat Survey relies on Definitely Something for several social media and marketing services to help further engage existing Zagat users and attract new ones.

New friends

Beyond the big boys nothing is more enticing than helping start-ups and non-profit organizations set upon the right path for online success. We are always interested in meeting with entrepreneurs and people passionate about changing the world. Often we can find connections between clients and help in unexpected ways. So don't hesitate. contact us!

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