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With a reach of over 60 million users, Conduit is the force behind over 90% of all toolbars on the Internet. Our team is working over-time to more deeply engage with Conduit's 200,000 publishers and increase awareness with end-users. We are actively managing the company's Twitter and Facebook presence as well as several other social networks, in addition to intense outreach campaigns and other marketing efforts.

In October, 2009 we created and launched the first-ever Conduit Awards to leverage Conduit's growing presence in social media. Developers are invited to submit community toolbar components for the chance to win $15,000 in prizes, including the new Nokia 3G booklet. Definitely Something was responsible for online marketing and social media outreach of the Awards.

The Conduit Awards proved to be a HUGE success, with over 50,000 votes and 80,000 downloads of the nominated components.

The senior management team at Conduit lets us do what we do best - get as close as possible, understand everything from the inside-out and then speak in their voice to thousands of users and influencers in order to catapult reach and overall identity.







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